sharprain, #.PostScrp.View

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sharprain, #.PostScrp.View

Postby Leo on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:48 am

DyalogAPL Version 15.0.27982.0 64Unicode
Windows 7

Dear APLer
Two questions about SharpRain:
1. Using the sharprain Viewer (# .PostScrp.View)
      r ← View arg
⍝ shortcut à la Rain
r ← # .PostScrp.View arg
charts can not be printed.
How to add " #.PostScrp.View " to print charts?

2. For many functions, such as the following
      {res} ← Set vec
⍝ Override graphics defaults for (prop, value) pairs
⍝ Help ctx # 620
res ← spΔinit
a help function, e.g. "Help ctx # 620". Where is this help-function documented?

Many thanks for your help!
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Re: sharprain, #.PostScrp.View

Postby Nicolas|Dyalog on Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:07 am

Hi Leo,

sharprain is a workspace to help migrating old charts produced by the deprecated RainPro tool to new charts produced by the supported SharpPlot tool.

So if you're not trying to migrate old scripts from RainPro, you should stay away from sharprain.dws, and only use sharpplot.dws

1. If you mean print to a printer, then you are correct : no it is not supported. You need to save the SharpPlot chart to an image file, and then print that file.

2. These refer to the old RainPro documentation (help/rainpro.chm in your Dyalog installation directory).

Again, if you're not a RainPro user migrating to SharpPlot, you should stay away from anything related to RainPro and SharpRain, and only use SharpPlot and its documentation.
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