New to Isolates - looking for documentation

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New to Isolates - looking for documentation

Postby woody on Sat Jul 09, 2016 2:54 pm


I am interested in learning more about Isolates and how we might use them on

I loaded the Isolate workspace that comes with 14.1, but did not see a description.

Where might I get the documentation?

Also.. small question.. but in the workspace, I entered )fns and see ø - what is that?

Code: Select all
      )load isolate
C:\Program Files\Dyalog\Dyalog APL-64 14.1 Unicode\ws\isolate.dws saved Fri Jul 24 20:19:02 2015
      )cs isolate
AddServer       Available       Config  Failed  New     RemoveServer    Reset   Running StartServer     State   Stats
Values  isSlave
Version onerror

Sincere thanks!

Woodley Butler
Automatonics, Inc.
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Re: New to Isolates - looking for documentation

Postby Fiona|Dyalog on Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:11 am

Hi Woodley

Re the documentation part of you question, try ... atures.pdf

If you go to > Resources > Documentation Centre, it's under Core Documents. Although it's marked as "experimental functionality", I believe it's pretty much finalised.

Hope that helps. Fiona
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