Better ScriptFollowsDeferExec ?

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Better ScriptFollowsDeferExec ?

Postby PGilbert on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:32 pm

We have the following function:

⍝ Treat the following commented lines as a function to be executed on another thread
⍝ Lines beginning with ⍝∇ are kept
⍝ Lines beginning with ⍝∇⍝ are stripped out (comments)
⍝ Make global the variables you need to pass.

⍝ Modified version for the following WS default: (⎕IO ⎕ML) ← 1 3

dtlb←{⍵{((∨\⍵)∧⌽∨\⌽⍵)/⍺}' '≠⍵}
lines←{{'⍝'=↑⍵:'' ⋄ ' ',dtlb ⍵}¨2↓¨⍵/⍨∧\(⊂'⍝∇')≡¨2↑¨⍵}dtlb¨(1+2⊃⎕LC)↓⎕NR 2⊃⎕XSI


it is used to run in the background some code of a long callback without waiting for the result. For example:

[0] LongCallback
[2] some code
[3] more code here
[5] ScriptFollowsDeferExec
[6] ⍝∇ defer line of code
[7] ⍝∇ more defer line of code

The idea is to keep the code of the long callback all at the same place to make it easier to troubleshoot while at the same time being able to send part of it to another thread to finish executing and allowing the callback to terminate.

Is there a better way of doing the same thing (token ? isolates ?)

Thanks in advance

P.S.: We are using '⍝∇' as our delimiter because we are erasing all the lines beginning with '⍝' in our production (run time) code.
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