⎕NL ¯9.1 - was this intentional?

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⎕NL ¯9.1 - was this intentional?

Postby Tomas Gustafsson on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:32 pm

crypto←⎕NEW Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider
encoding←⎕NEW Text.ASCIIEncoding
⎕NL ¯9.1
⍎¨⎕NL ¯9.1

Hash [enter]
nstest Security Text
#.nstest (System.Security) (System.Text)

But the documentation says:

Well, Y not nested now, but that shouldn't have a meaning? The problem as i see it is that Security and Text weren't actually created at all (crypto and encoding were). Additionally, the creation happened with ⎕NEW, but the help says only ⎕NS, )NS or :Namespace-created namespaces should be included in the result from ⎕NL 9.1?

This is somewhat troublematic, since it opens a jump from APL-code-created traditional namespaces to .net objects, and since this code in question works recursively (branching through the entire workspace, for update jobs), the footprints of what the ws contains goes wrong. (Worst case: I'd as a part of the update process be trying to create a namespace called System.Text :-))

I can easily fix this, by eg. checking for results beginning with ( and scrapping those (ie. i am only interested in traditional APL ns's), but i wonder if here is something i've misunderstood?

(Changing ⎕WX to other values seems to have no influence)

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