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IDE enhancements wanted

Postby rbe on Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:59 pm

I am back in the saddle on the compiler development trail again,
and have a few requests for enhancements in the Dyalog APL IDE, Ride
(and friends):

1. I have already pointed out that when I do something like
⎕signal during debugging, the cursor gets stolen from the session
window and put into the source window. I hope this is a bug, and
not a feechur. I would like to have the cursor remain in the window
where I am typing. Always.

2. I spend a lot of my time displaying mostly relevant arrays, during
debugging. This is a nuisance, usually. What would help me is a window
that would always display variable X or variables X Y Z, if they
are visible in the current stack level. E.s., if I go up in the stack
(toward the root, naturlich!), it would display those variables if
they visible there.

3. Watchpoints: Like (2), except that execution halts when variable X
satisfies some user-specified criterion.

4. I would like the ability to wander around in the execution stack [)SI stack]
without having to use ⎕signal and friends. I.e., no changes to the
execution state, unlike what I get with ⎕signal.

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