How do I get WIndows system memory information?

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How do I get WIndows system memory information?

Postby Vince|Dyalog on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:31 am

You can use ⎕NA to query the Windows Operating system to get Windows system memory information:

Code: Select all
⍝ See
 'get'⎕NA'U kernel32∣GlobalMemoryStatusEx ={U U {U U} {U U} {U U} {U U} {U U} {U U} {U U}}'
 (rc r)←get⊂64 0,7⍴⊂0 0
 :If rc≠1 ⋄ (⍕rc)⎕SIGNAL 11 ⋄ :EndIf
 (2↓r)←1E¯9×(2*32)⊥∘⌽¨2↓r ⍝ Gigabytes
 r←'Load(%)' 'TotalPhys' 'AvailPhys' 'TotalPageFile' 'AvailPageFile' 'TotalVirtual' 'AvailVirtual',⍪1↓¯1↓r

Example usage and output:

Load(%) 72
TotalPhys 16.9696215
AvailPhys 4.730630144
TotalPageFile 25.35632486
AvailPageFile 13.19555891
TotalVirtual 8796.092891
AvailVirtual 8795.017429
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