How to modify a Dyalog Mac alt keyboard layout

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How to modify a Dyalog Mac alt keyboard layout

Postby Vince|Dyalog on Wed Mar 29, 2023 12:48 pm

1) Install the free program Ukelele on your Mac.

2) Download the closest layout to your keyboard that you can find on our website to your Mac.

For a picture of our keyboard layouts, please look at these web pages:

3) Follow the instructions in our macOS installation and Configuration guide to install and use the alt layout for typing APL characters. ... 0Guide.pdf

4) Use Ukelele to edit the DyalogAltNN.keylayout file and customize it until you are happy with it. You can copy APL Characters from the Dyalog session into Ukelele if you need to.

Type this into dyalog to see a display of APL Characters

5) If you make a layout for a country that we do not have and would like to make it available to other users, please contact us at Dyalog Support.
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