What are the limits in Dyalog APL

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What are the limits in Dyalog APL

Postby JohnD|Dyalog on Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:31 pm

Here are some internal limits that you may encounter when using Dyalog APL.
These limits apply to version 14.1, earlier versions may have different limits.

Please note that these limits are absolute maxima; there may be other constraints that prevent these limits from being reached. In many cases a WS FULL error will be reached before the limit listed below.

Maximum size of an APL function: 65535 bytes
Maximum number of lines in an APL function: 4095
Maximum number of "tokens" in an APL function: 4095 (*)

Maximum number of component file ties: 512 (^)
Maximum number of native file ties: 128 (^)
Maximum number of open files including component and native ties : 512 ($)

Maximum rank of an array: 15
Maximum depth of a nested array: Limited only by MAXWS (+)
Maximum number of APL threads: 2147483647 (+)

* In this context, a token is, for example, a unique name, constant, or comment
^ The interpreter may open files for uses other than component or native file
ties. In addition there are operating system limits that may affect the number of open files
+ Performance may be affected before this limit is reached
$ This is a Windows only limit
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