Ride for docker and a virtual Ubuntu . .

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Ride for docker and a virtual Ubuntu . .

Postby elmanhansen on Tue Jun 01, 2021 1:27 pm

Not sure where to ask this question.

I am using a couple of QNAP NAS units for some non APL WEB applications.
For some time I have wanted to install Dyalog APL on one of them.
The OS is QTS which is based on Linux. And QTS is not an open OS.
I have not tried - but I assume that Dyalog APL will not run under QTS.

However QTS has the ability to run Docker containers.
I have installed Dyalog 17.1. It seems to run fine.

QTS also supports several VM software.
I installed Ubuntu 16 - and then Dyalog rel 18 and Ride 4.3.
Both seems to run well.
When I start the APL from the Ubuntu desktop Ride is also started as frontend.

Now my problem:
I would like to use Ride on my windows PC as frontend for both these APLs.

No success so far.
How do I do that ?

The QNAP server has IP
Ubuntu 16 on the QNAP server has IP But putty does not work for this IP.

I cannot find an IP address for the Docker version.

Frede Hansen
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