How to use the memoire of a machine 64 bits?

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How to use the memoire of a machine 64 bits?

Postby mandriambololona on Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:29 pm

How to use the memoire of a machine 64 bits?
Is the size of this memory without limit for APL?

My problem is to be able to use at most machines 64 bits which in my humble opinion, will be the machines of the present and of future. Both at the level of the server and of the customer post, their price is almost the same that that of 32 bit, so much to use them from now on especially that for APL who works in memory by birth, it is sensible not to work more than on this kind of machine.
Look. All the Microsoft tools 2010 are based on this type of machine (64bits. You visit Excel 2010 which embarks quite in memory. There is not limit anymore of number of lines in EXCEL because of the size of the memory than the machine 64 bit offers
Question : the size of the memory for a machine 64 bits is it limited for APL either it is without limit as EXCEL 2010?

Mon problème est de pouvoir utiliser au maximum les machines 64 bits qui à mon humble avis, seront les machines du présent et du futur. Tant au niveau du serveur que du poste client, leur prix est presque le même que celui du 32 bit, autant les utiliser dès maintenant surtout que pour APL qui travaille en mémoire par naissance, il est judicieux de ne plus travailler que sur ce genre de machine.
Regardez. Tous les outils Microsoft 2010 sont basés sur ce type de machine (64bits). Vous allez voir l'excel 2010 qui embarque tout en mémoire. Il n'y a plus de limite de nombre de lignes dans EXCEL du fait de la taille de la mémoire qu'offre la machine 64 bit
Question: La taille de la mémoire pour une machine 64 bits est - elle limitée pour APL ou bien c'est sans limite comme EXCEL 2010?
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Re: How to use the memoire of a machine 64 bits?

Postby paulmansour on Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:50 pm

Not sure I fully understand the question, but 64 bit Dyalog APL can use all the memory you give it with a limit of 4GB for individual arrays. In other words, you have a ws as big as you want, but no single array or variable can be larger than 4 gig. I think (and really hope!) Dyalog intends to remove this limit in a future version.
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Re: How to use the memoire of a machine 64 bits?

Postby Morten|Dyalog on Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:59 pm

I have moved this topic to "APL Chat", it doesn't really belong under "Using the Forum" :-)

Yes, 64-bit APL should be able to address all the (vitual or real) memory in a 64-bit machine. And removing the 4Gb array size limit is scheduled for Version 13.0 (64 bit).
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