Dyalog on other mobile devices

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Dyalog on other mobile devices

Postby neeraj on Mon Dec 14, 2009 3:41 am

A recent business week issue had the cover story on mobile phone apps. They highlighted some companies that have built 100 million USD per year revenue businesses. Today I saw droid, the new phone with the android OS. It is great phone. It appears that the mobile phone app opportunity has arrived but very few smartphones are sold with the Windows mobile OS. So it is either the iPhone or the Blackberry or the Android. It would be neat to have Dyalog on these other OS's and some entrepreneuring soul may build some cool apps using Dyalog. Windows mobile could not gain the same traction and popularity as the other mobile OSs. Would other members of the forum share their experiences about the mobile platform?
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Re: Dyalog on other mobile devices

Postby Morten|Dyalog on Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:05 am

neeraj wrote:Would other members of the forum share their experiences about the mobile platform?

We are not specifically targeting any of the new mobile platforms, but we do have work in progress to generally make APL more portable - and I think this will make it easier for us to target the 'nix based mobile platforms (as these are also getting more compatible with "mainstream" platforms). It's going to be a year, probably two before any of that becomes generally available though.
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Re: Dyalog on other mobile devices

Postby JoHo on Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:43 pm

We are developing here some technical apps using PocketAPL here in Austria.
Which is quite neat, because the domain expert can directly code for the Windows
Mobile plattform. It's a lot of work to maintain apps, because lots of little factors
keep changeing, like resolutions or special features or varying compatibilty issues
with different versions of WM and different HW.

On the other side, the iPhone has pushed the marked quite far,
in terms of how a flashy mobile app has to look like nowadays.

Because a lot of our target customers are using iPhones, we decided to port
this Pocket APL application to the iPhone. That's neccesary because the Cocoa
Touch GUI experience and development guidlines/restrictions by Apple are completely
different to the quite open and "shaky" Windows Mobile platform.
As I had to learn the hard way, that's quite a challange to do from scratch.
So the port will be substantially different to the inner workings of the original
PocketAPL application.

Also I was told that Apple is currently not allowing a development environment to
be run on the iPhone. Correct me if I should be mistaken here.

Me too, I'd wish that we would get PocketAPL ported to the iPhone and to Android PDAs
some day. But I have to admit from my own experience doing iPhone development myself,
at least for the iPhone that would imply a lot of work for Dyalog...

Just my two cents,
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