BAA-London - October Symposium

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BAA-London - October Symposium

Postby Phil Last on Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:41 pm

BAA-London - October Symposium
BAA-London - the London based discussion group for the APL family of array languages.

The October Symposium is due to be held on Friday 26 at:

The Hoop and Grapes
80 Farringdon Street
EC4A 4BL ... don+Street

Upstairs room booked from 14.30 'til 17.30. Meet earlier downstairs for a pre-event drink and/or a chat.
Solving all the world's problems (with APL.) unless anyone has something more important.

The problem is that this is the Friday immediately preceding Dyalog'18 in Belfast to which a number of our regulars are going including me. This being so I'm afraid I can't attend the symposium and I'm guessing that the same goes for others. I suggest anyone planning to attend makes it known at to avoid a single person finding him or herself alone.
Next - 30 November, 25 January and the last Friday of all subsequent months except December.
Suggestions and discussion of agenda for this and further symposiums please to:
Please feel free to cross-post this announcement to other forums where others might be interested and re-post it if you add anything.
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