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APL 2010 Berlin

Postby PMH on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:12 am

APL 2010 LPA

Array Processing Languages | Learn Parallel Applications

will be taking place from 13 to 16 September 2010 in Berlin at the Technical University (TUB).

This is a reminder to invite you and all members of the group to register online for the conference under

Letter from the chairman:

Dear friends of APL and array processing languages,

Following the successful APL Berlin 2000 conference we have started to organize the global APL2010 conference, which is taking place from September 13 to 16, 2010, in Berlin again at the Technical University (TU).

The members of APL Germany and GSE Working Group APL are jointly organising and hosting this event, supported by the GUIDE SHARE Europe (GSE) the European organisation of IBM customers.

APL Germany is the German language association of APL users located in Mannheim. Its purpose is to promote the programming language APL. The association is organizing regular meetings and discussions with other APL users, is spreading the use of APL, is keeping contact to APL manufacturers, and is editing the APL-Journal.

The GSE Working Group APL is part of the German Region of GSE. Since more than 25 years the Group keeps organizing regular meetings in spring and fall, in the last years together with APL Germany (also member of GSE), to keep contact with the corresponding IBM development lab and to exchange information and experiences between group member enterprises.

The vendors of APL and Array Processing Systems as well as array-oriented application software and their user groups have been invited to join the conference as sponsors, exhibitors, presenters and participants. Dyalog, APL2000 and IBM have already joined as gold sponsors, and DPC as silver one. The user conference Dyalog '10 will take place integrated into APL2010.

The program committee headed by Dieter Kilsch and Axel Holzmüller is taking care about the APL2010 Conference program and its publications. The main topic of the conference is Parallel Processing. Please find details in the Call for Papers page on this website.

All APL users and all APL and array oriented user groups are most heartily invited to join the APL2010 Conference as well as to support it by contributions to the program and to cooperate with the hosting organisations. Also GSE members throughout Europe are invited to attend this main event on parallel processing.

We would appreciate very much your taking into account to join APL2010 as well as to provide some contribution. So we would be delighted if you would read the Call for Papers in this website as a very hearty invitation to contribute. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin at APL2010 and honouring you as a speaker.

For the hosting organisations

Gerald Dittrich
Chairman of the APL2010 Organisation Committee
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