Dyalog '15 - videos (weeks 12 & 13)

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Dyalog '15 - videos (weeks 12 & 13)

Postby Karen|Dyalog on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:42 am

The final videos from Dyalog '15 peer into the future of APL and are an enjoyable & fitting conclusion to the series of videos.

• D11: The Dyalog Project Project
Morten presents a research project that Dyalog intends to execute in 2016 – to design and implement a new tool that will help developers to manage projects (a project is a collection of source code that can have internal and external dependencies, from which one or more application can be built). He discusses tool and utility libraries, target build environments and prefabricated samples to build applications.

• U07: APL Array Notation
Phil Last (Independent APL programmer) explains why he thinks there's a big hole in the APL notation and suggests how the language could be extended to make it easier to describe constants in source code.

• D14: Waste Time with John Daintree
John Daintree uses the medium of a MMPORG that he enjoys to illustrate JSON and databinding – expect the unexpected in this entertaining presentation of one of the less common applications of APL!

• U02: The Importance of Communication, Transparency and Practice Gianfranco Alongi (Ericsson AB) shows how we can maximise our potential, achieve success and grow as individuals, teams, and organisations by improving our understanding of the key notions of Communication, Transparency and Practice.
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