What is the current state of the DUI ?

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What is the current state of the DUI ?

Postby ray on Sat Dec 02, 2023 4:30 pm

"Dyalog User Interface - HTML-based cross-platform UI for Dyalog APL"

Is there any documentation for DUI available yet?

The GitHub Readme currently states "More to come..." is from 5 years ago, any idea when it will arrive?

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Re: What is the current state of the DUI ?

Postby paulmansour on Fri Dec 08, 2023 5:04 pm

My guess is the plan is to start on the DUI documentation after the Jarvis documentation is complete: https://dyalog.github.io/Jarvis/
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Re: What is the current state of the DUI ?

Postby Brian|Dyalog on Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:56 pm

DUI is the successor to MiServer. Like MiServer, DUI consists of two parts - a server component and a WC2 which is a library to help generate HTML/CSS/JavaScript content. MiServer's server component uses Conga to act as a web server which you can access with any web browser. DUI actually has two server components, MiServer and HRServer which is a "server" that uses HTMLRenderer to provide a cross-platform, local desktop user interface. One neat aspect of DUI is you can, for the most part, write your application using WC2 and run it either as a web app (using MiServer as the server) or a desktop app (using HRServer as the server). The only difference is whether you specify a port for MiServer to listen on. There are some features HTMLRenderer doesn't support (yet) - for instance, file download won't work at present. But for the most part your content should run using either server.

The sample/tutorial MiSite can be run as a web app or desktop app as follows:
  • Clone the DUI GitHub repository (let's assume you've cloned it into /git/DUI/)
  •       ]load /git/DUI/DUI
  •       DUI.Run '/git/DUI/MS3' ⍝ run using HRServer

  •       DUI.Run '/git/DUI/MS3' 8080 ⍝ run on port 8080 using MiServer

The sample site contains tutorials, samples, and reference materials. One of the neat features of the sample site is the ability to click the "APL Source" button to see the actual APL code that was used to generate the page. Most of sample site content is the same as found in MiServer - we haven't invested a lot of resource to update everything for DUI, but if there's enough interest from the user community, we can revisit its priority.

I'd like to point out that we use DUI/MiServer for some of our internal websites. For almost a decade TryAPL used MiServer until we rewrote it using Jarvis. The APL Problem Solving Competition (soon to be renamed to The APL Challenge) and the Dyalog User Meeting Registration system are both written using DUI/MiServer.

If you have questions about DUI, please post them here, or email me directly.

I hope this helps!
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