How do you want bugs reported on new release?

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How do you want bugs reported on new release?

Postby petermsiegel on Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:44 pm

Hi-- as always, it's great to see these wonderful steps forward from Dyalog.

As a non-commercial user, I don't ask for any priority, but do want to be helpful with things I notice. There are a few bugs or oddities here and there on the new release on OS 10. How do you want them reported? And do you have a reported list somewhere, so we don't duplicate reports?

One remaining from way back a few versions is that problems arise with ⎕TGET when it hangs (when no token is ever seen), without a timeout. There is no way to Control-C out on OS 10. The session is DEAD. If one then quits APL (closes the window, since )OFF is not an option), the process CPU zooms up to 99% or higher and the Mac fan turns on high (a feature???). [See below re zombie processes.]

In fact, after trying things out over a day, and then quitting via )OFF, I noticed a couple of dozen Dyalog zombies just sitting. (I don't mind them, except they grab memory, yet it is tedious to kill them all so I can monitor the good ones). NEWS UPDATE: I just repeatedly tried starting Dyalog 17, then from the clear WS doing )OFF (no other "work" at all). Two "dyalog" zombies remain after each session, minutes to hours after the main Dyalog and "helper" processes terminate.

If there's a "good" way to report, let me know. I've had a fewer bigger errors (interpreter dies simply on loading a large workspace), but I have yet to troubleshoot them enough to be helpful.

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Re: How do you want bugs reported on new release?

Postby AndyS|Dyalog on Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:18 pm

Hi Peter

Feel free to contact support with your bug reports.

The bug you mentioned no longer exists (that was fixed 3/4 hour ago as we spotted it last week).

The lists of outstanding and resolved issues are on and available to those who have DSS support contracts. Also anyone who successfully applies for a non-commercial or educational licence normally has access to for 14 days from when their licence is granted. However, everyone who has a non-comm or educational licence for 17.0 will have their access to extended until 2018-08-26.

I am itching to get the first set of 17.0 patches uploaded to - we've decided to issue new installation images for Windows too rather than just patch files (non-Windows users always get new installation images). Once we've uploaded the necessary files I will send out an email to all DSS users and all 17.0 licence holders announcing the patches/new installation images and the extension to the download period. It should be by the end of the week, but I can't say more accurately than that.
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