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Postby Morten|Dyalog on Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:39 pm

[Edited 2018-05-14, AndyS to update the URLs]
Direct Functions, sometimes also referred to as Dynamic Functions (of dfns for short), support a functional programming style in Dyalog. More information about dfns is available at:

The Programming Reference Guide -> Defined Functions and Operators -> Dynamic Functions and Operators discusses dfns. This can be found at or in PDF format at, or in the help directory which is part of the Dyalog installation.

There are many online samples at
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Re: Start Here

Postby nanthil on Mon May 14, 2018 3:23 pm

the links are dead. do you have updated references?
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Re: Start Here

Postby AndyS|Dyalog on Mon May 14, 2018 3:57 pm

I've updated Morten's original post, trying to make it version-independent.
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