Dfns.dws saved using Dyalog V11.0

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Dfns.dws saved using Dyalog V11.0

Postby JohnS|Dyalog on Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:42 am

We use the dfns.dws test scripts http://www.dyalog.com/dfnsdws/n_test.htm as part of our overnight QA process. This means that, in order to avoid undue complexity, I maintain dfns.dws using the oldest version of Dyalog that the overnight scripts build and test. With the introduction of V12.1, we no longer test V10.1. This means that I can save dfns.dws using V11 and so can take advantage of some of the V11 language improvements, such as:

* Monadic commute
* ⎕this
* Power operator
* ...

I have saved dfns.dws using V11 and am in the process of updating code to exploit V11 features.

http://dfns.dyalog.com/ always contains the up-to-the-minute versions of each of the six supplied dfns workspaces.


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