Log or SALT initialization failed: Unable to create file

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Log or SALT initialization failed: Unable to create file

Postby Vince|Dyalog on Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:24 pm

If you get the following error message when Dyalog starts up:

SALT initialization failed: Unable to create file

And this error message when Dyalog exits:

Failed to write to log file. Probably because the file cannot be accessed.

ScreenShotFailedToWriteLogFile.png (4.33 KiB) Viewed 15394 times

1) Do you have BitDefender, Panda Dome, or other security software installed?

Such software can restrict access to certain folders such as the Users Documents folder.

Using BitDefender as an example: please go to Protection|Safe Files|Application Access and give all versions of Dyalog access to Protected Folders.

By default, our User command cache, session log, and session file are in a folder within your User Documents folder which is regarded as a Protected Folder by BitDefender.

For example,

      +2 ⎕NQ '.' 'GetEnvironment' 'session_file'
C:\Users\vince\Documents\Dyalog APL-64 17.1 Unicode Files\def_uk.dse

+2 ⎕NQ '.' 'GetEnvironment' 'log_file'
C:\Users\vince\Documents\Dyalog APL-64 17.1 Unicode Files\default.dlf

2) If you do not have BitDefender installed, please check the session_file and log_file environment variables (as shown above) and check that those files are in a directory which can be written to.

      ⎕A ⎕NPUT 'C:\Users\vince\Documents\Dyalog APL 17.1 Unicode Files\junktest.txt'
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