⎕JSON Comparaison Tolerance

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⎕JSON Comparaison Tolerance

Postby PGilbert on Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:16 pm

When I do the following:

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    ⎕JSON 0.04+⍳10

I would expect to get a 8.04 and 9.04 in the JSON character representation.

I am using v16. Is this normal ?
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Re: ⎕JSON Comparaison Tolerance

Postby petermsiegel on Tue Apr 14, 2020 5:09 am

Hmm.... In 17.1, it works as expected...
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⍝  Dyalog APL/S-64 Version 17.1.36845  (ALSO Dyalog APL/S-64 Version 17.0.36563)
       ⎕JSON 0.04+⍳10
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Re: ⎕JSON Comparaison Tolerance

Postby AndyS|Dyalog on Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:52 am

In 16.0 the code for ⎕xml (and indeed ⎕csv) used the standard c library functions for formatting. In 17.0 and later we changed them so that they now call the same formatting functions as used elsewhere in the interpreter. So yes, it is what I'd expect in 16.0.
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